Vision and Mission


To promote awareness, respect for, and understanding of, democracy and democratic institutions in the Arab countries, to develop community leadership skills and enhance the role of citizens in Arab society, to encourage local organizations to participate in the public policy decision-making process, to promote democratic development through responsible and accountable government in the Arab countries, and to devise, undertake, support and fund cultural, scientific and educational activities conducive to those ends.


  1. To strengthen the role of civil society in promoting human rights and democratic reform through (i) the promotion of democratic values and the dissemination of the culture of democracy and human rights throughout the Arab World; (ii) the promotion of freedom of expression and independence of the media; (iii) and the countering of intolerance based on religion or belief.
  2. To provide development services in deprived areas, particularly for children, women, young people, and elderly people, and people belonging to vulnerable or marginalized groups.
  3. To engage with community-based and other grassroots organizations; to facilitate the creation of synergies, networking and coordination between state and non-state entities.
  4. To advocate the mainstreaming of human rights, gender equality, children's and older people's rights, and the rights of persons with disabilities.
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