With over a decade of experience in the field of democracy, Civic Forum Institute strives in the way of strengthening civil society and grassroots democratic development, addressing the emerging socio-political changes in the Middle East, and allowing citizens to better understand democratic concepts and processes affecting their own lives.

The most important message drawn from our implemented projects is the pressing need to continue supporting democratic processes. The basic model we worked on over the last ten years proves sound. While many might argue that Palestinian civil society is chaotic, the seeds of democracy have been planted and are growing every day. The effort of the NGOs such as CFI and others has paid off. Support for democracy remains high and elections are still high priorities. Calls for reform and elimination of corruption are abound. Polls continue to indicate strong support for the rule of law, transparency, accountability, separation of powers and other key democratic ideas.

Democratic change takes time. Certainly, everyone would like to see democracy become the governing principle not only in Palestine but also in all the Arab countries. We at the CFI are always looking for areas to improve our work and services, and we believe that now that is it the time to expand our services in the Middle East.

CFI intends to work directly with people and teach them about democracy. This had been proven the best approach in deepening democratic values. By conducting the activities in concert and in partnership with local community based organizations, we raise their capacity to conduct democratic development work and to engage the public opinions and government structures into the debate. Through these partnerships, we boost ability to succeed in similar activities conducted independently of CFI.

Political parties and civil society organizations in the Arab World are politically and organizationally weak, as a result of over half a century of one party dictatorships, under which they had suffered all kinds of political repression, economic and political marginalization, as well as policies of containment by previous regime's security apparatus.

CFI seeks to engage decision makers in the daily life of people and in building their democratic capacity. We have demonstrated ability through a long history of successful project implementation in this regard, connecting Palestinians to their governmental structures and to the outside world.

CFI is honored to play a part in helping disseminate democratic education throughout the Middle East. We hope our efforts and the efforts of others will bring the blessing that democracy brings to countries embracing this political system of, by, and for the people.

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