Capacity Building

Civic Forum Institute believes in building the capacities of citizens in order to pave the way for democracy. Women and youth have been particularly targeted as needs assessments have shown that they are marginalized sectors within Palestinian society Capacity building projects have also addressed the needs of civil society organizations and newly elected local council members.


  • Capacity Building for Local Institutions- The Town Hall Meeting Committee
  • Supporting and Strengthening Youth in Civil Society
  • Supporting Libraries for Children
  • Courses for public and private sector institutions
  • Training Course for Directors of the PLC West Bank District Offices in coorperation with ARD
  • Supporting Women Seeking to Run in Local Elections
  • Capacity Building for Women and Youth Organizations in the West Bank
  • Transport Crisis
  • Bethlehem's horizon's during the current situation
  • The Role of the NGOs in Directing the Youth during the Current Situation
  • The Right of Return for the Palestinian Refugees
  • Strengthening the Voice of Women and Youth in Determining Future
  • Capacity Building for Newly Elected Women in Local Councils
  • Freedom Forum Palestine
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