Elections and Political Processes

The Civic Forum Institute establishes co-operation between the committees' member-institutions encourages citizens to become more active and constructive, fosters stronger relations between citizens and decision-makers. In 2000 onwards, CFI was at the forefront of pushing the Palestinian government for parliamentary elections, in what would become the second such election since the establishment of the Palestinian Legislative Council and the first parliamentary election in preparation for an independent Palestinian state. Today, CFI continues to encourage fair democratic elections at the local and national levels, and works to build capacity of citizens pursuing work in these democratic institutions.


  • Grassroots Civic Action in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
  • Voter Education for the Local and National Election Cycle in Palestine
  • Disseminating Information on PA Reforms
  • Elections Monitors for Local Elections
  • The Democratic Advocacy Forum
  • Informed Voter Program
  • Voters Education on Palestinian Local and Legislative Elections
  • Increasing the Understanding of Parliamentary Elections and the Election Law in the West Bank
  • Capacity Building for Local Observers of the Palestinian Elections
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